The Facts and Frills

I’m an artist, a Poet, an optimist on most days and on others I like many have my Pessimistic down days.

I believe in the freedom to be uniquely me and the courtesy to allow others to be their unique selves too.

I am a mother of 2…

One child a brilliant Intellectual thunderstorm with the world on his shoulders and a struggle everyday to make it through, thanks to medical hurdles that as much as they are a heartbreak, I believe they will be the stepping stones to an amazing future as they will mold him into an amazingly strong and compassionate man.

The other child, a dancing whirlwind of pink and giggles, a free spirit with a love of all things dramatic and beautiful. A mind that wonders and explores. A girl who will one day be a vibrant and strong woman of honour.

I am a daughter, a sister to 4 brothers, a Best Friend and a Lover to an amazing man. Every member of my family from those related by blood to those who have walked into my life and planted roots, has helped mold me into who I am and they continue to support me as I grow and learn each day.

I am an Entrepreneur; each day, like many others out there, I battle and navigate the struggles to promote and find ways to support my family with the talents God has given. There’s days of hair pulling and tears and days of great accomplishments. The normal working world struggles and its all worth it, for every step is growth.

I am so many things and the one word I would choose to describe me….. Is Enigmatic.


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